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The Healing Tree with Gemstones and Glitter by Eva Maria Hunt, Soul Wisdom Healing Art - Original, Acrylic painting on canvas

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The Healing Tree, Soul Wisdom Healing Art, Original by Eva Maria Hunt
Acrylic painting on canvas with gemstone chips and glitter, signed at the front, 30 x 25cm
The healing tree is rooted deeply in the soil, feeding off Mother Earths vitalizing, warm energy. Its branches reach up to the sky for calming, healing light energy. It brings fruit in the form of gemstones: Tigers Eye, Red and Yellow Jasper for grounding your energies, Aventurine to talk to your heart, Blue Howlite and Sodalite to aid you in expressing your truth…
In the background the gorgeous warming colour rays of the sunset strengthens your lower chakras.
The Red colour rays are filling you up with a feeling of safety and security. The Orange helps you to express your creativity and the Yellows are helping you to step into your power, feeling more confident and also cheer you up and bring joy into your life. 

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