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Crystals for 2017

 7 Healing Crystals for 2017 that can Help with your Intentions and Achieving Your New Years Resolutions
1. Amethyst for Clear Vision & Spiritual Protection:
2. Moonstone – The Stone of New Beginnings
3. Carnelian – to boost your energies
4. Citrine – for Abundance, Joy and Happiness

5. New Jade – for Good Luck
6. Sodalite for a Calm Mind
7. Rose Quartz for Love
Which crystal is the best for you?

You can choose to work with one or all of the crystals above. If you dare to trust your intuition, you will know by listening to your inner wisdom, which crystal is the best to wear on a certain day. However if you rather make decisions based on logic, just read the properties of the crystals bellow to guide you to the one you are in most need of to support your intentions, goals and New Year’s Resolutions. I make these crystals into jewellery to help you keep them in your energy field easier.