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Chakra Angels Healing Book by Eva - Healing paintings for inspiration, health and happiness, Hard Cover, 8"x 6"- Colour Healing, Positive Affirmations

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This book is a collection of my very popular chakra angels paintings, 8 of them exactly, which I originally created with acrylics. I created this book with my clients in mind: I wrote, designed and edited it digitally to bring healing vibrations to anyone, who works with it. I added positive affirmations to each painting to help you balance your chakras on all levels. 

Please note the book is being printed on demand by a company I partnered up with for this project, who produces high-end quality prints to manifest it in a physical form. Therefore it takes 2 - 3 weeks to get it to you. 

“I am very pleased by the high quality of Eva's book. I didn't expect such sturdy and thick pages and bright, rich colours and the frosted book cover is just stunning. I bought it for a friend, who likes Angels, as a "Get Well" gift. I am very happy with it.” Claire, Oxfordshire, UK

Treat yourself to a practical energy tool with healing power in high-end quality. It also makes a fantastic gift for any occasions. 

What do you find inside of the book?

* Powerful Paintings Channelled from the Angelic Realm
* Healing Energies to Shift Your Vibrations
* Fortified with Positive Affirmations for Each Chakra​
* The Book is Simple, Easy and Fun to Use

Click here to look inside of the book 
Because of the nature of the online viewer you will see the front and back cover together, and then you can look through the whole book using the little arrows at the bottom of the screen to click on.

Description of the book: 

* 8"x 6" (A5 ) - The perfect size to take it with you wherever you go.
* High-end, Layflat Photo Book - To allow you to enjoy the full images.
* Rich, High-Density Natural Colours - To radiate the healing energy.
* Beautiful, thick, frosted/textured hard cover - To make it durable.
* 20 thick, rigid pages - To enable you to use it daily.
* Library binding - For strong, lasting structure.

How to use this book?

Eva is an energy therapist and artist, working in holistic healing for more than 5 years. Her aim is to teach her clients healing tools that they can use as and when they need them. You can meditate with her paintings, letting the colours flow off the paper into your being. She channelled these images specifically for the chakras.
You can also use the positive affirmations daily to let go of problems that might be blocking your chakras. Choose a picture intuitively, the one you are most drawn to as you are looking through the book. Then place the book somewhere where you can see the picture and receive its healing vibrations.

​This book helps to restore the energy flow in your energy field using:

* The visible spectrum of Colours resonating with your Chakras - Colours are part of the Life Giving Light. They are the purest healing force of the Universe, vibrating on different frequencies, working with your chakra centres.

* Your amazing creative power through Positive Affirmations - They harmonise your thoughts & emotions adjusting your frequency to attract what you wish to have in your life: Health, Happiness, Abundance… based on the Law of Attraction.

* The help of angels - These Divine beings are part of the ascension process, and dedicated to help us humans to reach our full potential.

The Chakra Angels book you can buy for less than a price of one energy therapy session and can use it, whenever you need it. It can also make a unique gift for someone, who loves energy art and the angels or can be a Get Well present… 

What people say about my book?

“I love Eva's Chakra Angels book. It's on my bedside table, open at different pages all the time. I am still amazed every time I look at her paintings how powerful they are. I used to be drawn to the same picture, the Angel of Love for a while, and recently, when I fell physically ill, my preference changed from the soft Pink & Peach shades to Emerald Green & suddenly I started working with her Angel of Healing painting. Amazing. I can recommend her book to anyone, who loves Angels & colours. ” Mollie, Oxfordshire, UK

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