Give the Gift that Gives... Healing Vibes & Good Feelings
Handmade Healing Crystal jewellery by Eva Maria Hunt
Feel Good Crystals hand-made jewellery by Eva at spiritual Wonders
Handmade Gemstone Jewellery for Women, who wishes to become emotionally balanced, want to be able to relax, become more focused, get energised...
Shift your energies on the go. Manage how you feel with a help of gemstones / semi-precious stones. 
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? or Being away with the fairies?
    Come down to earth with the help of my jewellery!

  • Feeling drained after a simple shopping trip or attending an event?
    Be prepared and energetically protected wearing the right gemstones!

  • Could do with strengthening your self-confidence muscles?
    There is a crystal for that too. 
Interested to find out which gemstones can help to shift your energies on the go?

Fill in your name and email and receive a pdf with the list of gemstones along with an audio file with a grounding visualisation to let you experience how it feels like being energetically grounded. I can tell you it's a quick shift and feels great!  When you wear my crystal jewellery the best thing is the crystals do this work for you, or you can combine the two for best results.

Stop Energy Drain, Balance Your Emotions, Feel Confident!

Hi I am Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist and
Author of the Book 
Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art.​

I create healing products that make it more fun and much easier to change your energy vibration, break down energy blockages and make you feel instantly better.

I’ve been designing jewellery for 25 years. I used different materials and experimented with a variety of techniques during the years, but the most exciting chapter as a jewellery designer is started in my life, when I fell in love with healing crystals. The natural stones have different shapes, so they require different designs, which I make up as I go along, intuitively shaping the Silver-plated copper wire, to bring the best out of each stone.

I am an Energy Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Energy Artist. My work helps Women get to know Who They Really Are & find out how they can become the best version of themselves using energy tools, psychology, Estern Medicine, Science and Spirituality. Crystals and the jewellery I create from them are one of these tools...

My Handmade Jewellery and Energy Art has been exhibited and featured in cool places like:    

Would you like to have your very own, custom made jewellery to help with your ailments and life issues?

Email me what you want help with along with your date of birth and I will suggest the suitable crystals for you and after an initial converstaion I can create the jewellery with the exact properties and help you are in need of. Email:

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